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Tune in to hear HFB Executive Director Tim Davis and MSQ Co-founder Debbie Richardson discuss accountability and the critical importance of expecting a return on your marketing investments.

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This is the last of our 3 videos on marketing and how it works in the business planning process.

Listen to HFB Executive Director Tim Davis and MSQ Co-founder Debbie Richardson talk about accountability and the expectation of your marketing investment. Deb will tell you that you SHOULD have an expectation of return.

The reason we love partnering with MSQ is their process. We have seen many businesses invest in marketing and not seen a return.

What MSQ tells you is not only should you expect a return but their process shows you how to deliver that inside your business.

To get kick started you should do the MSQ Index which is the gap analysis Deb refers to in the video. Click here and use the code HFB to get 50% off.

As this our last marketing video for FY2024 we are offering 50% off their MSQ Fundamentals course; this a quick self-paced program that you can do at your desk and get some basic understanding. This price also includes access to the MSQ Index. Use code HFB50.

As you head into FY2025 marketing should absolutely be on your to-do list. Marketing is a critical growth topic for any business, we are delighted to get you started!

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